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How to Start Your Interior Design Project Step by Step Guideline

We have provided you a brief outline step by step guide to start your interior desgin project in Edmonton. This guide should provid you a brief introduction in the best ways to prepare your project rather it is an interior design alteration or building development project.





Pre-Planning Your Interior Project

It is important to plan, plan and plan. Every project rather interior renovation or new building, planning is onc of the most important task in any construction project. Planning must begin in the early and pre-consception stage and continue throughout the entire design and construction process.

At pre-planning, client must determine their goals, objectives and project statement of the project and all business related matters including branding, image, programming or spatial and technical requirements, legal matters, finance and location selection and etc.

Develop a work plan or project plan.

Capital Construction Cost Planning:

Capital construction cost is your your total construction cost required to complete your interior project. This task should be determined prior to the engagement of the consultant team. Most of the time at this early stage, if you are able to work with an Project Manager, Contractor or an Interior Designer, they maybe able to assist you this task.

All captial construction cost must include construciton hard cost and soft cost. Hard cost is the actual construction cost of your interior project and soft cost is consultant such as Interior Designer, Engnieers etc and legal fees, equipements, accounting fees and etc.

Total capital project cost is very important in any given construction rather it is an interior project or a new building. If this cost can be determined early or at the least be considered, cost certainty of a project will better control and as a result, less risk to the Owner and the stake holders.

Concept Design and Planning:

This is the stage where you should be brainstorming the use of the potential space or location you have selected. You should try to learn as much as you can about the space and how the space relates to the function, goals and objectives of your business.

Once you understand the space and how it relates to your requirements, start to draw and sketch out concept design plans and layout of the space. Locate the various spaces you think you may need such as washrooms, kitchen, storage room, mechanical room, retail area, exit locations and etc.

You should be trying our different layout until you think you have find solution that will meet your functional and business requirements.

Re-Evaluation of Your Project:

Many of our client don't spend sufficient time in defining and evaluating their project rather it is a new building development or an interior design project. Tis is the stage you should re-exmine and re-evaluate all the work and anaylsis you have done so far before you proceed any further.

If there is any questions, uncertainty or risk that you may find, stop now and review the entire project again. This is important to be done as any uncertainty will increase risk to you project and will eventually cost time and money and potentially disaster to the project down the road.

Have you completed your business performa, capital cost anaylsis and other financial matters' review? Risk assessments? customer traffic reviews? business location reviews? Are you sure you have selected the right business location/site for your new business? Have you reviewed clearly the lease agreement and Landlords design guidelines? Have you review the site or interior space you are planning to lease or purchase both functionally and technically ie: the condition of the existing space? Do you need to rethink and reconsider your project? This is the stage you can make changes.

Preparation of Drawings

At this stage, you will need to take your sketches and concept design drawings and fine tune them into a set of presentable set of drawings with dimensions and proper scale. This set of drawings will need to be prepared properly for the submission to the City of Edmonton for Development Permit purpose.

This set of completed drawings will be require to submit to the City of Edmonton for Development and Building Permit purpose.

This is the stage where you will need to determine if you require to hire a professonal Interior designer or not. Inaddtion, you will also need to determine if you will require other consultants as well for your interior project including Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechnaical Engineer, Electrical Engineer or other professionals.

Preparation of the require drawings can be complex and if you are not familar with the process and technical knowledge, you may consider to hire an interior or architectural drafting consultant who specialize in interior projects or a professional Interior Designer.

Please also note that there is a big difference in hiring a drafting person or an Interior Decorator compare to a professional Interior Designer. The type of knowledge and services will be different. Learn the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decoratorfor.

Do I need an Interior Designer?

Construction is complex and most of the time a headache for person wihout any construction or design experiences. Hiring an Interior Designer will provide your project more efficiency and control to the project.

Moreover, according to the requirment from the City of Edmonton, the requirment for an registered Interior Designer, Architect or Engineers will be based on the use and size of your space where you are operating your business from. The use, functional requiments, size of the space will determine if you require an interior design or not as per City of Edmonton Bylaw and code.

There are alot of other consideration you will need to consider as well. Learn more here to see the benefits of having an Interior Designer for your project.

Development Permit Submission to City of Edmonton

Once you have all the design drawings prepared for your project, you will need to prepare your application for the Development Permit to the City of Edmonton. All new interior renovation projects will require a Development Permit. There are some exception however, contact us for more information.

At the Development Permit drawings stage, there is no need to prepare detail or Engineering drawings, only design drawings are required for the submission. However, the design should be more well thoughtout based on the finctional and technical requirements of the space and your goals, objectives and requirements. Major functional spaces should be layout correctly. Therefore, there should not be any major changes to the organization of spaces after this stage.



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